About Claire

I have been in the fitness industry now for…. dare I say it….. 25 years. From an early age, I have loved sport and my real interest grew when I was in my teenage years where a became more body conscious and realised the great benefits of exercising. I was also very asthmatic as a child and when I was exercising and my cardio respiratory system began to improve, I realised how amazing this felt. I was spending my life in the gym, and so decided to train to become a fitness instructor. I have taught every class you can imagine, from Body Pump, to Aqua aerobics. In 2000 I trained as a personal trainer and completed my Level 3 Mat Based Pilates qualification and Fitness Yoga qualification and in 2001 embarked on a more  academic approach, completing my BSc Sport and Exercise Science in 2004 and then completed my MSc in weight management in 2006. From 2006 I became very unwell with endocarditis, and to cut a very long story short, underwent open heart surgery and various other procedures, including a hip replacement, until in 2017 I was back to full health.

I have learned over those years that Pilates, Fitness Yoga and generally keeping fit and healthy through good nutritional choices in absolutely key to staying alive and being healthy. I am so passionate about this and I want to spread this buzz to as many people as possible. I trained as a Phase 4 Cardiac Rehab instructor and enjoyed helping cardiac patients for many years gain confidence in an exercise environment.

Most recently I have become interested in nature, and various forms of relaxation and meditation around this. I personally find when i am out in the garden, I am in a completely relaxed state, at one with nature, enjoying the beauty of growing plants and improving knowledge. I have recently returned back from India where I studied sound healing as a form of therapy and to use in a group session to aid relaxation through a new form of  meditation.

I am now at the start of this sound healing journey and wish to take this form of healing into nature. Watch this space for how this develops 🙂