Safety Rules

These safety rules are designed to help minimise any risks that may occur when exercising indoors and outdoors with Mind Body & Fitness with Claire and help to prevent injury.

Please read before participating in any Group Exercise Session or Personal Training Session

  1. Arrive 10 minutes before your class starts. Entry to a session will be refused if you are late
  2. Please complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire before your first session
  3. Please complete the daily register and disclaimer prior to commencing every session
  4. Wear suitable clothing. Bring layers and waterproofs
  5. Wear suitable footwear with good soles
  6. Ensure you regularly sip water throughout the session
  7. In hot weather, wear sun protection
  8. If you have known allergies, please bring medication and notify your instructor who will keep it in the safety rucksack
  9. Notify your instructor of any changes to your health or medication on a regular basis
  10. If your child is participating in a session, please ensure you have notified the instructor of your contact number
  11. Listen to the safety check the instructor will give you at the start of each session
  12. Do not engage in violent or abusive behaviour or use language that maybe offensive
  13. If an accident should occur, please inform the instructor straight away

Post Natal Classes

  1. Please ensure your buggy is in full working order and perform a safety check on the wheels and structure of your buggy prior to the start of every class
  2. Ensure your baby is strapped into the buggy securely at all times
  3. Ensure you have received your 6-week mid-wife check

Failure to comply with these rules will result in refusal of entry to the sessions.