I can verify that both your speed yoga class and pilates classes have seriously improved my strength and posture. Pilates has really improved my back and core which were struggling before I had my hip replacements. I rarely have back pain now. The yoga has really strengthened my supporting leg muscles and my posture and general well-being too. I notice a big difference now when out doing my long distance walks, so many thanks and I look forward to coming to your classes for the foreseeable future. They are great!

Jacky x

Claire enthusiasm and energy is infectious and she always accommodates all abilities   in her Pilates class always giving progression to those of us who want / need to be pushed.

Sophie x

I am Lydie and have done Pilates and yoga 🧘‍♀️ with her for a few years now. I have enjoyed every lesson and I have no doubt improve my flexibility and concentration .i especially enjoy  yoga fitness as I have improved my balance. Claire is a great coach as she makes sure we do the exercises safely and well and she will offer an alternative if we are struggling.

So what are you waiting for?

Have a go Lydie

I have been coming to Pilates classes for a few years now and can’t say how much difference these have made to my physical and mental well being. A lot of niggling aches and pains have gone and the arthritis in my right knee has improved massively, also I like to think that my mental alertness has not diminished despite the fact that I will soon be 70 years old. I cannot recommend Claire highly enough, not only is  she very knowledgeable but I like the fact that every class begins with her checking our well being and asking us if there are any particular parts of the body that need working on. Friendly, considerate, kind and professional and knows Pilates inside out.


“I have arthritis and my NHS physiotherapist suggested that I try Pilates, but I was worried about my ability to fit in with an established class.  I am so pleased that I found Claire. She is very professional, extremely welcoming and reassuring and caters for all levels of ability. The mixed group members are also friendly and supportive too..  I would highly recommend her classes”.

Ive only lived here for 2 years but I feel that you’re Cheshire’s best kept secret!


What can I say about sessions with Claire?

C   conscientious

l   laughter

A   active

I   informative

R   rewarding

E   enthusiasm

Each week Claire brings all of the above to every session and much, much more.

Carole x

The Pilates classes keep my body going. I have arthritis in my back, hips, knees and wrists, but medication can only go so far. Pilates is a fun way to keep everything going and I’ve never felt better. Claire is a highly qualified and experienced teacher and I have complete confidence in her understanding of the needs of all participants. She asks every week how we’re all feeling and skilfully adapts the class to suit the group. No two classes are the same. Not many teachers can do this so skilfully.


I’ve been attending Claire’s classes for several years now and find her Pilates classes invaluable.

I have a very physically demanding job that takes its toll on my lower back, hips and hamstrings. Without my weekly workout from Claire I really struggle to keep it all working as I need it to to get my jobs done.


In my experience Claire has the unique talent of being able to treat every yoga, pilates and general fitness class member as an individual whist managing, motivating and leading a group lesson. This special skill, alongside her technical expertise, has meant that I have joined as many classes as possible over several years. The result has been an incalculable benefit to my overall wellbeing whilst at the same time being really enjoyable and engaging.

Karen x

As a busy working older Mum it is hard to take time out to exercise  – Claire creates a welcoming environment to support my return to exercise and her class offers a range of levels for me to  try as a Pilates newcomer. Her knowledge of fitness and anatomy and her ability to tailor our session to what we need on the day is great.  Claire’s gentle humour and support makes sure we get the most out of our hour with her.  After going once a week for a few months I know her Pilates class is really complimenting my other recent fitness activity of running regularly too …. I feel my muscles strengthening and I am aware of my posture and how my body is feeling much more than I was before….. it is good to be returning to some level of strength and fitness and to be able to attend a local class at a convenient time.

Bridget x

I really enjoy Claire’s classes – she knows her stuff and  is always enthusiastic. She creates a great group atmosphere whilst also attending to individual needs.

Top fun and fitness !

Alison Johnson

A fun, challenging class, which reaches everyone’s needs as Claire always demonstrates different levels of ability for each exercise. Claire is very knowledgeable and caring.