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Well what a few weeks… Its fair to say that everyone is feeling the effects of COVID-19 in lots of various ways. Financially, mentally, physically, socially, our lives have changed whether we like it or not. Its how we are able to deal with that change that makes a difference.

Claire’s Top Tips

  1. Stay active -walk, jog, cycle at least 45 minutes every day. Do home workouts, Pilates, Yoga, your front room or garden is your new studio
  2. Talk to people- use phone, video chat, facetime whatever means you csn. Talk to 5 different people each day. If you want to talk to me as one of them call me.
  3. Reduce alcohol intake- alcohol will weaken your immune system and also the effects of alcohol are reduced quality sleep, negative effects on hormones in the brain, meaning that you will feel less able to cope mentally the next day.
  4.  Bake. Freeze it off if your worried about eating it all
  5. Read a book- get lost in a novel
  6.  Take up some online learning. We should always work our brains and keep them active
  7. Meditate- take 10 minutes out of each day to meditiate

I have set up 30 minute online fitness sessions for you to book onto. Download the  Gym Catch app, and search for Mind Body&fitness with Claire. Choose a class and I shall see you in the Zoom studio (please download the Zoom app too before your chosen session). If you would like Claire to email you the timetable email;