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Claire and Paul head off for a day or 2 early January to re-charge their batteries.

Summer in

All classes resume from 8th January 2024

And their off again 🙂

 to Autumn 2022

Claire has put together her timetable of classes which are a mixture of online and face to face. The face to face classes in the community begin the week commencing the 12th September. These classes are all available to book online NOW.

If you require any more information about these or would just like a chat, then drop Claire and email or giver her a ring to discuss. 

Drop me a message, email for more information of click here to get signed up  Mind Body&Fitness with Claire |

June 2020

Hi everyone. After a few weeks of hip and lower back pain and some time off teaching, I have decided to change the Monday evening Kettlebell class as this was not suitable for me to teach as it took me back a step each time I delivered the class. So I have switched the class to HITT. I will begin the session with a boxing/kickboxing feel (non impact) and then we will move into timed training. So from Tabata, to accumulators, to 50:10, the class will always have a similar feel but be different to the last session you tried. A perfect class for improving aerobic fitness, burning fat and building self esteem.


Last night was the first of our Trance Pilates. I love Trance music, reminds me of being younger and carefree. I was delighted to share this class with you and we have begun our journey to save the Pangolins, or at least help to fund the campaign. Last night we managed to raise £32.50. Lets keep this good work going everyone.


So as the weeks pass by and  all jobs around the house are completed, admin work has now been boxed off, home schooling has gone into meltdown, all the cakes have been baked, eaten and now we have a drinking problem the way that I help to focus my mind is to look at the world, reflect on what I have always wanted to do more of but never have the time. Conservation plays a big part in my heart and whether its supporting projects to clear our oceans, or researching Sustainable Palm Oil foods to help protect the Orangutans in Sumatra and Borneo, I always like to support in which ever way I can to these much needed projects/charities. Watching TV last night and we stumbled upon a documentary on Pangolins in Africa, and the lady conservationist went to Ninh Binh where Paul and I have visited to look at how they save and protect their Pangolin population from poachers. These poor animals are trapped and caught in their 1000’s with China being one of the main importers. It was heart breaking. I want to help them. The first thing I am going to do is donate all the money from my New Trance Pilates class to

So please help me to support this charity by booking onto this class.


My lovely friends Joy Probyn and Janey Butcher have set up a page on Facebook to help support all NHS staff and Key workers by offering free Wellness sessions online. If you are one of these people, please like their page and you will have access to a wide variety of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation classes, workshops etc. I will be doing Mondays at 1pm.


Well what a few weeks… Its fair to say that everyone is feeling the effects of COVID-19 in lots of various ways. Financially, mentally, physically, socially, our lives have changed whether we like it or not. Its how we are able to deal with that change that makes a difference.

Claire’s Top Tips

  1. Stay active -walk, jog, cycle at least 45 minutes every day. Do home workouts, Pilates, Yoga, your front room or garden is your new studio
  2. Talk to people- use phone, video chat, facetime whatever means you csn. Talk to 5 different people each day. If you want to talk to me as one of them call me.
  3. Reduce alcohol intake- alcohol will weaken your immune system and also the effects of alcohol are reduced quality sleep, negative effects on hormones in the brain, meaning that you will feel less able to cope mentally the next day.
  4.  Bake. Freeze it off if your worried about eating it all
  5. Read a book- get lost in a novel
  6.  Take up some online learning. We should always work our brains and keep them active
  7. Meditate- take 10 minutes out of each day to meditiate

I have set up 30 minute online fitness sessions for you to book onto. Download the  Gym Catch app, and search for Mind Body&fitness with Claire. Choose a class and I shall see you in the Zoom studio (please download the Zoom app too before your chosen session). If you would like Claire to email you the timetable email;